Monday, February 8, 2016

Alert: Nude Catfight On The Theater

After thousands of full covered judo fighters, long dresses women in old movies, a slip of attention has allowed a complete nude catfight on YouTube. Enjoy!

By the way: the uploader is completely crazy: his other videos are sheer porn...


YouTube´s alarm system went back to work and the video was quickly sent to the garbage can. To the ones who missed the 15m window of opportunity, it is shown below; I haven´t been able to identify the source.



Tapping Out (36): Real Struggle

My dear Mutiny, once more in the loosing end. However, this time she puts great efforts to escape from the powerful legs gripping of Kira. For one moment, breathing heavily, she manages to revert the hold: great! But, alas, in a split second, the blonde regains the advantage and... well, you can watch by yourself.

The fight, MW-224, comes from Mutiny production company; the legs you may see in the left belong to Nadege, the referee.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Extra Edition

After have viewed the post My Favorite Folder, a Blog reader mentioned the fight Anastasia Baron vs Shae Seavers in Academy ACA-018-1, where a folding pin had been used with no staging (not visibly, at least). The video was in my archive and I am posting the scene together with other good moments brought by the Bruce´s enterprise production. If I am not mistaken, the attractive located tattoo identifies Anastasia as the victim of the pin.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Technical Problems Update

A good portion of the blogsphere is suffering the same "vanishing videos" syndrome according to this forum thread. Regardless of hardware and software used, it seems that a sort of plague is attacking poor bloggers like myself and blocking the spreading of entertaining material.

As I said elsewhere, my Chrome (after the cache cleaning) and MS Explorer, in a aging PC under Windows 7, has been able to play the Blog videos in the posts. Let´s expect some wiz can disentangle the software knots and make our humble enterprise run full throttle again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Blog Technical Problems

Many Blog readers (including myself!!!) are having problems to play the embedded video that comes with each post (the Theater is OK because it uses another video format). I do not know the error source because I have not changed anything on my side. 

The technical glitch apparently is related to the browser in use: Chrome and Opera do not play the videos but Microsoft Internet Explorer does.

I could make Chrome work again few minutes ago by clearing browsing data. If you use it, you should do this: go to Settings/Show Advanced Settings/Clear Browsing Data/ and tick Clear Images and Files. Close it and reload the Blog.

It is very likely the problem in the other browsers can be fixed with the same solution above. But there should be a culprit elsewhere that has triggered the malfunction. My guesses are either Google Blogger or Adobe Flash. 

Please, folks, be patient.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Who´s Who?

It is rare to find a fight between sisters, let alone one between twins! I have never seem one. Lacking the real thing, I am going to use this Academy video, from AX-060, with the near-twins Sammi Alder and Theo Steible (With this curious fantasy names, I have never seem these two at any other event).

By the way, it is a nice combat, with good moves and wrestlers displaying their full bush. 


Note 1: On the top of the Blog Theater you will find today five combats from the AVW Pro-Wrestling League from Japan, which I find particularly entertaining due to their mix of well done holds, sexy attire and hot slim girls. For example, the ceiling hold at 04:30 of AVW 1 is a treat for me (although short...).

Note 2: Now it is the Chrome Browser that is not playing videos! I posted a note on the Blogger Forum about the problem. In the meantime, I am able to use the old Microsoft Internet Explorer with success.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Contortion Limits

There are Boston Crabs which bend the looser girl in such way one would classify the hold as a torture. It is good to know they are staged combats. I always suppose the fight "manager" has taken precautions to assure nobody would get hurt. I also noticed that the Japanese fighters, so slim and delicate, are the most prone to find suffering in the hold.


Monday, January 18, 2016

All Over The House

I do not know for how long they have been around but I took notice of Underground Girlfight Club very recently. The catfights seem quite real with common looking girls battling each other with hearty enjoyment. The producer likes to vary the scenario using living rooms, kitchens, dorms and even basements as combat settings. 

There are good moments in their tapes as you can watch in the selection below. However, there are downside scenes (for my taste) in several episodes as such as fighters tied by chains, others clad as clowns and creative ideas that do not work.   


A final note: the original videos have much better image quality.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Just An Exciting Hold

After some philosophical debates, I am back to female fighting essentials: women combatants and wrestling holds. I have chosen the cradle, a technique used in all styles - olympic, professional, semi-competitive, catfights, staged bouts. Three scenes from bikini-clad to nude passing by topless: Triumph #99 Lesley vs Lacey, DWW #96 Andrea vs Tina and Academy AX-15.